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Adding a Work Order

Work Orders are the basic unit of work in Tumult. They let you record who the work is for, what part you're making, and when it's due. Once you've created the Work Order, you can build out the part and release it to production.

Adding a work order is simple. From anywhere on your home page, just click the "Add New Work Order" button.

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Adding Part Operations

Once you've added a Work Order in Tumult, you're ready to add Part Operations. These are the steps taken to produce a part, and you'll be able to record setup and production time for each operation once the Work Order is released to production.

You can also add a "Queue Location" to each operation, to note where the Work Order will be queued prior to the op beginning.

Adding Queue Locations lets you see the big picture in your factory, showing you where work is bottlenecking.

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Tracking Production

Once a part has been designed and the operations added, you can release it to the Production tab.

From there, click on "Track Production" in any Work Order to bring up the production tracking box.

In the popup, you can record Setup and Production time, and mark an operation as completed.

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Adding New Users

Tumult is built to help you collaborate, so we've made it easy to add your team members. Users don't even need an email to join.

We've even added different user roles, so you can decide who can administer your account, who can add new Work Orders, and who can record production.

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Managing User Accounts

From time to time, you may need to update a user's information, remove a user, or even temporarily lock a user's account.

Tumult makes it easy to keep your account up to date so that everything is secure and you're only paying for the users you need.

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Deleting Your Account

Of course we'd be sad to see you go, but here's a quick guide to closing your Tumult account.

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Managing Sub-Component Parts

Tumult now helps you manage complex, multi-tiered part assemblies. Here, we walk through how to add those sub-components and track them through engineering and production.

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