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Why Tumult Exists

Why Tumult Exists

We decided to build Tumult because we got tired of compromising for expensive and overly complex software.

May 15, 2020

We figure every business should know why it exists, as should its customers. So, here is Tumult's reason for being:

It should not be this difficult to see and understand what's going on in our factory. We want the ability to quickly look up an order's status when a customer calls to ask (without having to launch an expedition through the factory).

We want to keep improving our lead times and quality, but to do so we need to know what areas to focus on. We need clear data that points out our bottlenecks, in real time, and without asking our operators to fill out a census for each op.

In short: we want to see what's happening in our factory at a glance. It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, and it shouldn't take years to get up and running. Giant corporations may be able to afford that, but we need something we can start using right away. It has to be intuitive and flexible enough to grow with us. It doesn't need to do everything, it just needs to be great at tracking our production and engineering.

That's why we're building Tumult. It's a web app that lets you record how long it takes to engineer and make a part. You can see up to date job status at a glance, and view summaries that will help you spot bottlenecks and pain points in your factory. It's intuitive to use, simple, and requires no setup. It doesn't integrate with every part of your business: there's no CRM, accounting, or invoicing here. We kept it simple: this does one thing and it does it really well.

This project grew out of our own frustrations trying to upgrade the software in our factory. Years and tens of thousands of dollars later, we were angry that a better option didn't exist. So we decided to build one.

We look forward to sharing Tumult with you this Spring. If you'd like to be the first to know when we launch, or want to shape the direction of this product, send us your email and we'll be in touch.

Aidan Wojtech