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How we're so Affordable

How we're so Affordable

Believing that 'simple' is a feature let us design our product and business radically differently.
May 21, 2020

One of the reasons we built Tumult was that all of the software that already existed to track manufacturing was so expensive. It's as if everyone secretly got together and decreed that the going rate would be $100 per user, every month.

We're determined to build a better product that's more intuitive and enjoyable to use, but we also wanted to massively undercut that price point. We were able to achieve that by rethinking the basics of how we build and sell software.

#1 for us: simplicity is a feature. We think doing less than the other guys is actually more valuable to most factories, because our software is fast and easy to use. And because we're aiming to be simple to use, we can build simple.

We also avoid hiring salespeople. We'd rather spread through word of mouth and simple advertising if it means we can pass those savings on to customers.

And, for the technically inclined, the way we build software is inherently more efficient and less expensive:

In software and development, there's often a 'last mover' advantage because it allows you to reuse the latest and greatest open source tools. We've built Tumult on Angular, the modern framework Google designed for their applications. It allows us to move faster, lets us avoid reinventing the wheel, and feels familiar to our customers.

On the really wonky side, we also took advantage of serverless technologies. That's a deep, dark technical hole, but the short of is: we only pay for the exact amount the cloud computing we use, and that capacity scales up and down automatically. That beats the old days where you paid for entire servers to sit idle waiting for users to show up, and had to hire people to provision more servers whenever you got busy.

The bottom line is: we've stripped away all the complexity in our product and business so that we can focus on the most important features at the most reasonable price.