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10/2/20 Bi-Monthly Feature Update

10/2/20 Bi-Monthly Feature Update

For our first of two releases in October, we've made it easier to see a Work Order's operations while it's in production, and made it easier to navigate the analytics section of Tumult.

October 15, 2020

Early October new features

At Tumult, we aim to release new features every two weeks.

This month, we're working to solidify our foundation, sanding down the rough edges to make it easier to use.

The "Track Production" popup now shows the full list of Operations for a Work Order, along with basic details on each.

We've cleaned up the Analytics section, making it easier to understand what each chart does. To learn more about each one, hover over the info button.

In addition to the in-app changes, we've also streamlined the signup process.

We heard feedback from you that signup was cumbersome and frustrating, so we're working to make it simpler.

One of our biggest mistakes was to treat upper and lowercase letters differently, meaning that Orghandle and orghandle would be treaded differently.

We fixed that, so uppercase and lowercase letters are now treated synonymously.

We've also improved the design and language of the signup workflow so first-time users know they're still on track.

What's Next:

For the next two weeks, we're working on the ability to edit Parts, and we're improving the design of the Production Queue so that you can see Work Order statuses at a glance.