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Managing User Accounts

From time to time, you may need to update a user's information, remove a user, or even temporarily lock a user's account.

Tumult makes it easy to keep your account up to date so that everything is secure and you're only paying for the users you need.

To access the user management features, navigate to the admin page, then scroll right on your user list:

There are several things you can update with each user:

Under the "Role" column, you can open the dropdown to change the user's role:

Lock a user by clicking on the padlock icon, which will keep their account active but prevent them from logging in until you unlock their account:

Update the account's primary contact, which will change who receives billing and other account level notifications, by clicking on the person icon:

Reset a user's password by clicking on the key icon:

Delete a user by clicking on the icon of a crossed out person (Note: you cannot delete a primary contact. You have to first designate another user the primary contact):

Edit a user's name and email:

Check to see if a user confirmed their email address (New users will receive an email asking them to confirm their address):

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