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Managing Sub-Component Parts


Adding Sub-Components

Sub-components can be added in the Engineering Queue, when the user is adding Part Operations:

The sub-components should be added to the operation they will be consumed during.

Users have the option of using an existing part as a sub-component, or they can create a new part right from the Part Operation menu:

Once the part has been added, users must specify the quantity required (per unit of the parent part):

Users also have the option of adding multiple sub-components to a single operation.

Selecting a Source for Sub-Components

When you go to release a part that contains sub-components, you have the ability to select a source for each sub-component:

There are three choices as your source:


Sub-components that are sourced form Production will follow a familiar path. When the parent part is released, the sub-component will be added to the engineering queue. There, you can add operations and even further sub-components.

Note: the sub-component part will not show up in the engineering queue until its parent part has been released.


Parts sourced from purchasing will be added to the "On Order" queue. There, you can track the parts that have yet to be received from suppliers.


Parts sourced from stock do not create a new line item in any of Tumult's queue. However, like other sub-components, they will be listed on the Parent Part's production menu so that users know when they are required for assembly:

Auto Releasing Sub-Components

When you are releasing a parent part, you have the option of "Auto Releasing" the sub-components:

This will cause the parts to skip the engineering queue.

One note: this option is not available for parts sourced from "Production", since users will need to add or review the operations in the Engineering Queue before that sub-component can be released.

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