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Adding Part Operations

Once you've added a Work Order in Tumult, you're ready to add Part Operations. These are the steps taken to produce a part, and you'll be able to record setup and production time for each operation once the Work Order is released to production.

To add Operations to a Work Order, click on "Add/Edit Operations":

In the popup, you simple add the Operation, then click the "+" symbol to add additional Operations.

You can also add a "Queue Location" to each operation, to note where the Work Order will be queued prior to the op beginning.

Adding Queue Locations lets you see the big picture in your factory, showing you where work is bottlenecking.

For example, you might have two Operations "Cut legs to length" and "Cut planks" that are both performed at the same saw. Making the queue location for both Operations the same, for example "Saw Incoming", will allow you to view all of the work that is queued up waiting to use that saw.

You can view those Queue Charts in the Analytics page, accessed by click on the bar chart icon in the page header.

Once all of the Part Operations have been added, click on the "Save and Release" button to send the Work Order to the Production Queue. You can also click "Save" and come back later to finish adding Part Operations.

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