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Order Entry and Invoicing

Order Entry and Invoicing

Keep Things Simple by Storing Orders and Invoices in One Place

The less software you have to manage, the better. Storing Customer Orders in Tumult means that order items flow right through to your engineering queue, without having to manually sync anything.

It also means you can see the status of an entire order at a glance, so you know everything will be ready to ship together and on time.

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Keep Jobs & Orders Synced

When you add parts to a Customer Order, corresponding Work Orders are automatically added to the Engineering Queue.

Track Order Progress

Open a Customer Order and you can see the status of each associated part at a glance, so you never have to chase down an order's status.

Tax and Shipping Charges

Specify both tax and shipping charges on orders. These amounts get added to the order total, and show up on the invoice.

Create PDF Invoices

Create invoices right from the Customer Order screen whenever you're ready to bill customers.